Triple power display in several sizes (Sider Baladi + Talha Hail + Samra Baladi)



Triple Strength Show (Sider Baladi + Talha Hail + Samra Baladi)

The different types of honey are one of the ways that help you get a lot of important nutrients that must be obtained, and the benefit of honey varies from one type to another, so the Triple Strength Show has collected three different types of natural honey that provide you a lot Of the various benefits, which in turn consists of three halves or quarters of a kilo of the finest types of dead honey in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which works to raise immunity significantly, and the types of honey are my Sidr honey, Talha honey, Hail and Samra honey, my distinguished, Now we will show you all the health benefits of each type separately.

Types of honey in the Triple Strength Show

This special offer contains three of the best types of special honey:

♦ my tan honey

♦ Hail Talha honey

♦ My Sidr honey

And each of the mentioned types of honey contains different health and ideal benefits, working to raise the immune system in the body for a long time, in addition to many general benefits that provide you with the required treatment.

Triple Strength Offer (3 Kinds of Baladi Honey)

Benefits of my Sidr honey

♦ You can use this wonderful honey as a treatment for all your fungal infections, as it relieves infections and bacteria in the sinuses.

♦ You can use this honey as an anti-microbial, as research has been conducted on it and it is now used as a topical treatment on the skin and wounds directly to eliminate microbes.

♦ You can use this honey in order to improve your immune system well, as it is used as a wonderful nutritional supplement, in addition to its great ability to combat influenza.

♦ You can use this honey to fight aging in addition to being great in fighting various joint pains.

Benefits of Talha Hail honey:

♦ This type of honey is considered one of the best and finest types of honey that type 2 diabetics can use.

♦ Talha Hail honey helps you get rid of various colon pain, which may sometimes cause you to have gas, as it works to treat both.

♦ You can use Talha Hail honey to get rid of all the different diseases and problems that may greatly affect your digestive system.

♦ This Talha honey helps you relieve painful bulges.

Baladi Samra honey benefits:

♦ This honey helps you adjust the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood, which adjusts different blood pressure rates for you.

♦ My honey gives you the glucose needed to directly affect the heart muscle in a positive way.

♦ You can use Samra Baladi honey as a healthy food for your children, as it is light and easy to absorb well in the stomach.

Tips and Warnings for Triple Strength Honey Offer:

♦ If you want to strengthen your immune system and your children’s system while providing your body with the right energy, use this honey to sweeten your various drinks.

♦ You must eat all these types of honey in the morning every day on an empty stomach, and in order to get the best results, do it regularly.

♦ If you continue to eat this wonderful honey, you will get rid of your anemia.

♦ This honey is considered one of the best for a pregnant woman, because it contains all the different nutrients that help you maintain the health of your heart and bones, as well as the growth of the child in the best possible way.


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