Quarter of a tola of oud oil brashin


Dehn Aoud Brachin

A quarter of a tola of Brashin agarwood is the best quality agarwood that is used to inhale attractive and beautiful scents, incense in mosques and for personal use.

Al-Brasheen Oud oil is extracted from the province of Al-Brasheen Buri and comes in two colors and has a smart and attractive smell that lasts the longest possible time. Therefore, it is strongly used in the incense and perfume of the place because it is characterized by a distinct smart smell that spreads in the place and spreads and lasts as long as possible. Its flavor is similar to Cambodian oud oil and its stability on The hand varies from 4 to 6 hours, and on the shemagh from 24 to 48 hours, and it varies according to the weather.

Dehn Aoud Brashin product information

Product name: Dehn Aoud Brashin.

Classification: Brashin Pure Oud Oil.

Package size: a quarter of a tola.

Basic product size: a quarter of a tola, about 3 grams.

Uses: Used as a personal perfume.

Place of extraction: It is extracted from Thailand, from an area called Prachin on the border of Cambodia.

What is the oil of agarwood Albrashin?

It is an incense product that is used for personal perfume on occasions for those who love excellence and for lovers of oud. It is used in incense in places such as councils, mosques, homes and in public places in abundance and for personal use as well.

Al-Brasheen oil is extracted from the Al-Brasheen agarwood trees because it is one of the best types and is characterized by its attractive smell, which lasts the longest time, so during use or distillation from it, it produces a distinct, superior aroma of agarwood that is attractive to the user, and that is why it has won the admiration of many users on Shahd Al-Nahl store.

Advantages of Dehn Aoud Brashin

There are many medical features that make the product distinct, and different from others, and the most important of those features are:

● It is used in the incense and perfume of the place such as mosques, councils and offices, as well as occasions and personal use.

● It is used as an aid to rapid sleep.

● It is used to expel the tension caused by the testosterone hormone.

● It is used to reduce psychological stress rates, thus calming the heart muscle, and thus preventing heart disease.

● It works to enter the respiratory system naturally, and expels toxic gases residing in the respiratory system.

● It works to calm the mind and calm the psychological state of the person.

Uses of Dehn Aoud Brashin

● It is used in incense in places such as councils, mosques, homes and personal use.

● It also treats the airway and expels gases on the respiratory system.

● It is one of the most prominent products in the Arab world and East Asia, and it has many benefits that make it important for health and for the human body.

● You can use oud oil to inhale the fragrant scents.

● It also acts as a sedative and reduces stress because it works to reduce testosterone secretions.

Here are the most important frequently asked questions about the Dahn Oud Brashin product

We will show you the most common questions on the Internet and the most important answers to them.

☑ What are the uses of Dehn Aoud Brashin product?

It is most used in the treatment of the respiratory system, it is used to clear the mind, and it acts as a sedative for the human body, and it also reduces stress because it works to reduce testosterone secretions.

☑ Are there any side effects from using Dehn Aoud Brashin?

It has no side effects, and has no harm because it contains natural ingredients that are safe to use, but it should be kept out of the reach of children.


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