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Premium green Omani Hojari male gum, first class

Frankincense, a first-class green Omani Hojri male, also called Al-Kander and Al-Shahri, used for treatment, soaked, chewed, and incense, rich in natural cortisone, treats joint and bone infections, treats respiratory diseases, calms the nerves, treats internal diseases and the colon, and purifies the air from microbes and viruses incense, suitable for pain associated with menstruation in women.

Green Omani Hojari gum is one of the most prominent products used by the Arabian Gulf, because of its benefits in the human body.

Product information of green Omani Hojari male gum:

It is a type of luxurious frankincense. Green Omani Hojri male frankincense is extracted from the State of Oman. It is widely used in the Gulf countries, and it has many benefits on human health, the most important of which is the green Omani Hujri male frankincense that provides ways of calmness and loss of tension in the body, and treats Many diseases of the body.

Product classification: male frankincense.

Product name: Green Omani Hojari gum.

Uses: general health (incense, chewing and soaking)

Consumer category: men and women.

Package size: Available in two sizes, the smaller 65 grams and cans of 125 grams (the price of a kilo) of Omani frankincense.

Place of extraction: In the State of the Sultanate of Oman.

What is green Omani Hojari male gum?

It is a type of luxurious frankincense. It is extracted from the state of Oman, and it is widely used in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and it has many benefits on human health, and we will learn about its benefits in detail.

Features of green Omani Hojari male gum:

There are many advantages in the product of green Omani Hojari gum, as follows:

● It works as an antiseptic for the mouth and teeth.

● It gives the necessary substances to build the immune system.

● It acts as a sedation of the nerves, and thus a permanent feeling of calm.

● It acts as an anti-flatulent.

● Repels gases in the stomach.

● It improves digestion rates in the digestive system.

● It cleanses the kidneys of formed sediments, and purifies urine water.

● tonic parts in the uterus.

● It increases sexual ability during intercourse.

● It is used in the manufacture of many disinfectants, medicines and many cosmetics.

● It strengthens the gums in the mouth, and works to kill bacteria and internal decay in the teeth.

● It is used as a gargle in the mouth.

● It is used in the treatment of diseases of the reproductive system. It acts as an antiseptic for coughs and coughs.

● It works as a treatment for expectoration, and treatment of throat.

● Anti-inflammatory caused by diseases.

● It treats influenza and severe cold.

● It relieves heat in the human body.

● It forms buffer layers in the stomach that protect the stomach from any attack.

● Helps the kidneys get rid of harmful secretions.

● It prevents the formation of any tumor in the uterus.

Here are the most important frequently asked questions about green Omani Hojari male gum:

☑ Where can I get green Omani Hojari male gum?

You can get it from several online stores, but we recommend using a reputable and trusted website like Shahd Al Bee Shop .

☑ What are the uses of green Omani Hojari male gum product?

It is used in the treatment of many cases related to the following:


Respiratory system.

immune system.

Reproductive system.

☑ Are there any side effects from using a green Omani Hojari male gum product?

There are no side effects from using a green Omani Hojari male gum product, and it has been tried on more than one person, and they did not notice a negative change in them.

☑ Is there any tradition of green Omani Hojari gum?

Yes, there are many stores that imitate the product, so it is recommended when buying the product that the store be trusted.

☑ Is there any harm in it for children?

It is not recommended for use by children, although there is no harm to children.


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